Fulfilling the Promise

Telecom Expense Management (TEM) is a tedious and time-consuming process that, for many enterprises, has turned into an exercise focused on merely getting the bills paid instead of enabling continuous business intelligence to improve technology decisions. However, changing enterprise telecom needs and recent disruption within the TEM industry have brought TEM back into the spotlight.

As the approximately $2 billion industry approaches its third decade, it represents a confusing and volatile playing field for enterprises, one in which:

  • Platforms have not always worked as promised
  • Management shakeups at providers have created widespread uncertainty
  • Sourcing and inventory management solutions remain too similar, with differentiation, only apparent in the user interface experience and service delivery model

Is It Time to Re-evaluate the Goals of TEM?

Yes. It’s time to rethink the TEM function.

That means enterprises should take advantage of managed services beyond telecom to include network, mobile, unified communications, data center, IaaS and other usage-based IT services.

Leaders must move beyond mere “expense management” and consider a full suite of managed services that include:

  • Procurement and sourcing management
  • Invoice management
  • Order and inventory management
  • Audit and dispute management
  • Carrier and contract management
  • Business intelligence
  • Overall strategic value

Known as Managed Services, this approach allows you to unlock the full power of TEM. You’ll be able to leverage the solution you have while improving internal visibility, processes and results.

How Managed Services Can Help

By actively managing your enterprise’s telecom, network, mobile, unified communications, data center, IaaS and other usage-based IT services, you could reduce annual costs by 20% or more.

The Advocate team works closely with yours to define solutions designed for your business objectives, economic drivers and performance challenges using its proven DAPSIM methodology to unlock the potential of TEM. Advocate then provides a Managed Services solution that addresses cost, performance, utilization and analytics needed for you to take advantage of the transparency and value Managed Services can provide.

When Advocate’s work is complete, you’ll have clear insight into how to move forward confidently.

Free White Paper – The Broken Promise of Telecom Expense Management

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  • Understand the challenges of TEM
  • Prepare their organizations for TEM transformation
  • Follow the steps to unlock TEM potential

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