Great minds think alike…and they work together.


The Insider Marketplace

At Advocate, we strive to deliver collaborative solutions to our clients through strategic partnerships with leading technology service providers. These partnerships help us to drive a level of efficiency and engagement that meet our clients’ needs related to performance, reliability, cost requirements, and business results. To achieve this goal, we developed the Insider Marketplace. The Insider Marketplace is an ecosystem of clients and partners that together drive exceptional value, operational efficiency and solution precision. It enhances our understanding of the current business environment and what’s working for hundreds of other enterprise clients – and applying it to your unique situation.

Ecosystem Visibility

The ability of providers to execute is everything. Advocate serves as an “index” into the complicated ecosystem that has evolved around systems, software and solutions common to technology departments today and tomorrow. The Insider Marketplace provides ecosystem visibility into hundreds of service providers, so we can track and report on key performance metrics.

Accelerated Solutions

Skip the small talk. Advocate has established these relationships, served in the trenches and solved the hard problems with the best providers in the ecosystem. Strong relationships with individuals who get things done quickly allow us to “skip to the chase” and get right to implementing our client’s critical solutions. In a world where time is value, Advocate’s accelerated solutions are refreshing.

Enhanced Value

Engagement creates knowledge and insight. Through our relationships with providers in the Insider Marketplace, Advocate has accumulated benchmarks that help our clients achieve the lowest cost. Even more important, the best value is achieved by those who have the best relationships. By engaging with the providers’ week-in and week-out, and by seeing the successes and failures across entire industries, our Insiders enhance the value of the solutions beyond expectation.

Unbiased Advice

Clients need a trusted advisor that will offer real insight. Our Insider Marketplace provides our Insiders the opportunity to understand the real strengths and weaknesses of the providers BEFORE we arrive on the client’s site. Direct access to the product managers, solution engineers and visionary leaders at these providers allows our Insiders to stay on top of new trends, the latest releases, newest applications and low benchmark pricing. Investment of our precious time and effort to build these insights is what empowers Advocate to provide the unbiased advice that our clients demand.

Smarter. Together.

Great minds think alike…and work together. By building visible strategic partnerships “Smarter. Together.” with leading technology service providers, Advocate improves business results for both our clients and our partners. To see for yourself, click here to watch Ryan Mallory, VP Global Sales Enablement at Equinix, explain what it’s like to partner with Advocate on network transformation and cloud optimization projects to achieve the greatest return on investment for clients.

Join the Advocate Insider Marketplace

Advocate welcomes our clients and strategic partners into the Insider Marketplace. If you are interested, contact Carol Kelly, Advocate’s Director of Provider Services, at or 678-987-5910.