It’s Time to Take Control of Your Cloud Spend

It’s no secret that the business world is racing to capture the power and potential of the cloud. By 2018, IDC predicts more than half of all enterprise IT workloads will be cloud-based—driven by the promise of new agility, greater scalability, and unprecedented computing power that enables entirely new analytics possibilities, all in a cost-effective package.

But in the race to capture this opportunity, many businesses are seeing their cloud spend spin wildly out of control—spiking unpredictably, trending sharply upward and quickly exceeding their previous IT budgets. An estimated 45 percent of the typical organization’s cloud spend is wasted, thanks to ineffective planning, sub-optimal pricing and rampant unused instances.1

Business leaders know their cloud spend is out of control. But most lack the visibility to understand the problem—or the expertise and tools to get it back under control.

Advocate’s new white paper, Controlling Cloud Spending: Avoiding the Steep Cost of Unchecked Cloud Growth, outlines a powerful new set of tools and best practices for the cloud-empowered business:

  • How to gain comprehensive visibility into your cloud usage and cloud spend
  • How to identify opportunities to optimize your existing cloud usage and cloud spend
  • How to implement controls to keep cloud usage and spend in check

Most importantly, you’ll learn why a new level of hyper-vigilant, real-time governance is necessary to truly optimize your cloud computing opportunities.

1RightScale 2017 State of the Cloud Report

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